If the person is ill, irritable and very critical of you

'It's all about balance and rising above it' Larissa MacFarlane

It can be hard to maintain perspective if the person who is ill is also very irritable and criticizes you a lot. Finding ways to detach and set boundaries without being drawn into arguments can be helpful.

What to do if the person is ill, irritable, and very critical of you

  • It may help to detach from the situation a little by reminding yourself that the person is ill.
  • Don’t try to defend yourself by arguing logically with the person if they are not thinking as rationally as they usually do.
  • Address the specific comments or behavior (e.g. shouting) that are unacceptable or concerning, without criticizing or blaming the person as an individual.
  • Set limits with the person’s verbal abuse by saying something like “I understand you’re upset but I’m not going to tolerate being spoken to in this way” and walk away.
  • Take some time out to help maintain your perspective, and don’t be drawn into reacting to their irritability or believing the criticism.