Dealing with negative consequences of risky behavior

Some things to consider include:

  • If risky behavior has occurred the person may need urgent medical help.
  • You may also need to seek legal advice (e.g. if a contract is signed or a large purchase made when the person is manic).
  • A good financial adviser can assist with financial problems resulting from the illness. Local services may be able to assist with housing difficulties or unemployment that can sometimes occur.
  • If the person has engaged in risky sexual behavior, encourage them to see a doctor in case they need treatment for a sexually transmitted infection.
  • If aggressive behavior has occurred, you may need to get medical help for yourself. Use the services available to assist you to put safeguards in place to prevent this abuse. It is common to feel very traumatized by physical abuse and professional counseling can be helpful.
  • If the person is very ill you might need to wait until they get better before discussing ways to sort out the negative consequences and to prevent these consequences in the future.