New Zealand

Balance NZ
Ph: 03 366 3631
Mailing address: PO Box 13266, Armagh, Christchurch 8141
This is a charitable trust providing information, peer support training and advocacy for people with mood disorders. If you live in NZ and have bipolar disorder, it can assist you to find support groups in your area. They offer online support groups for parents, spouses and relatives.

Bipolar Support Canterbury
Ph: (03) 366 581
Mailing address: PO Box 13167, Christchurch 8141, NZ.
This organization provides information about bipolar disorder; peer support groups and one to one support service and holds education and information sessions. There is a focus on the needs of people within Christchurch city but they can send our pamphlets to other places in New Zealand.

Mental Health Foundation of New Zealand
Phone Auckland: (09) 300 7010, Wellington: (09) 300 7010, Christchurch: (03) 366 6936. This foundation provides free information and training, and advocates for policies and services to support people with mental illness, their families/whanau and friends. they have a resource finder to help you find mental health services and support.