Feeling like you want to withdraw from the person or to leave

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There are different reasons why caregivers feel like withdrawing at times. For example:

  • It is common to feel the need to withdraw from the person when they have been behaving strangely due to the illness, but this feeling often subsides as the person gets better.
  • Feeling the need to withdraw may be a sign that you are exhausted and need some time out.
  • If you are withdrawing from everyone or everything, this could be a sign of depression. Try to find ways to provide less support and focus more on your own wellbeing.
  • Certain caregiving situations can be very challenging and disruptive. Some caregivers may decide that they cannot continue in their current situation and need to withdraw from their relationship or to leave the person.

If you would like to leave the relationship, before you do:

  • Discuss what you are going through with the person, as you may be able to find ways to resolve some of the difficulties together.
  • Address problems with the help of a counselor or relationship or family therapist.