South Africa

South African Depression and Anxiety group (SADAG)
Zane Wilson (Founder) email: .
Mental health Counseling Centre: (011) 262-6396 (8am-8pm)
Suicide Crisis Line: 0800 567 567 or SMS 31393

This is a large support and advocacy group that provides helpful information on different mental health disorders including bipolar and where to get help. It has mental health awareness programs, rural outreach services, a schools program and counseling for sufferers with bipolar, depression, anxiety/panic and trauma /PTSD and their family members. They have 180 support groups throughout South Africa and a referral facility. You can access trained counselors at the Mental Health Counseling Centre and Suicide Crisis Line (8am-8pm).

South African Bipolar Site

The ‘South African Bipolar Site’ includes information on living with bipolar and where to find support locally. Sufferers and their supporters can also join the online support network and there are articles written by South Africans with  bipolar disorder and links to helpful resources.